Who We Are


Michael Mings - Carpenter & Co-owner

Favourite mode of transportation? Bicycle.
Life without a cellphone would be: What cellphone?
Favourte destination - why? The mountains for the freedom of the hills
Next trip planned: The bugaboos.
Favourte sports team: Don't have one.
Summer or winter sports? Summer.


Linda Mings - office Manager & Co-owner

Favourite mode of transportation: Walking but I have to use a car.
Life without a cellphone would be: totally fine.
Favourite destination, why? Europe for its architecture and culture.
Next trip planned: Europe of course. The Netherlands, Denmark, Germany on the list, also Italy and bike trip to Austria.
Favourite sports team: National Ballet of Canada. Not a sports team but ballet dancers are athletes.
Summer of winter sports? No sports but ballet and belly dancing, making clothes.




Tanner Young - Carpenter

  • Favourite mode of transportation: Truck.
  • Life without a cellphone would be: Pretty bad. I use it alot to connect with my friends.
  • Favourite destination - why? Nikina. It’s remote, peaceful. I love the tranquility and getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city.
  • Next trip planned : Nikina.
  • Favourite sports team: Philadelphia Flyers.
  • Winter or summer sports? Winter for hunting and fishing when the permits are open.


Andy nagel - carpenter

Favourite mode of transportation: Boat.
Life without a cellphone would be: disconnected.
Favourite destination - why? Bondfield, it out of the city, has good fishing.
Favourite destination, why? Mission Texas to visit Grandparents.
Favourite sports team: Blue Jays.
Winter of summer sports? Winter.




russel edwards - Labourer, Machine Operator

  • Favourite mode of transportation: Car. Dodge  Charger.
  • Life without a cellphone would be: Who cares?
  • Favourite destination - why? Peterborough, it’s where I grew up.
  • Next trip planned: Don’t have one.
  • Favourite sports team: I hate sports.
  • Winter or summer sports? I like them both.